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With the initiative LernKultur-Coach (LearningCulture-Coach) , we want to train 50 LernKultur-Coaches this year and reduce the course price by up to 50%.

How about having a learning culture coach at every school?
If there were not only teachers*, social pedagogues* and special needs teachers* but also people in schools who have one thing in mind above all: culture, togetherness, communication, and who are empowered and entrusted with keeping these in view and further developing and cultivating them for the benefit of all.
Why is that necessary?
Holistic and sustainable change always requires internal and external changes. It is not enough to change the organisational structure and to train employees in new skills; it is equally important to further develop the “we” culture and to keep an eye on the attitudes and values of the individual. The figure shows the circle of change. Only after all quadrants have been passed through and coherence has been achieved on the different levels can an organization be back in flow.

Thus someone can externally agree to “learning times”, all-day concepts, self-organized learning, etc. But if he or she does not fill it with the appropriate attitude towards the child, this attempt at change will not be sustainable.
How do you then determine the status of culture? How do you work on your inner attitudes and values? This is what we have specialised in with the further training to become a LernKultur-Coach.

Communication plays a central role! The challenges of the future require complex thinking, preferably by many.

One person alone, e.g. a school principal*, can no longer determine everything on his own. Just as a single brain cell is not intelligent, but only becomes intelligent through connection with others, so is a group of people more intelligent – provided they are well connected. Brain cells use synapses and chemical messengers for this, we use relationship and communication. If communication is disturbed, individuals no longer speak to each other, the system is less intelligent.


Relationship skills and attentive and transparent communication are therefore extremely important for successful cooperation for the transformational changes in schools – and in general also in other institutions. Finance, healthcare and economics are undergoing fundamental change, as is education.


Nach dem “Bilde Zukunft!” After the Symposium “Bilde Zukunft!” and from our experience, how much attention for the inside is needed, we considered: How do we want to grow in the LernKulturZeit?
What emerged was the image of a forest. Where large trees protect smaller trees until they are strong enough to stand alone, slowly and steadily. That’s also a nice picture for school.


And this is exactly how we want to train and start the Initiative LernKultur-Coach!
One LernKultur-Coach for every school..
Our first goal:
train up to 50 LernKultur-Coaches
Find 50 schools to join!
The idea is that LernKultur-Coach should become a recognized profession, which should complement the work in schools in increasingly multi-professional teams. With the mission to have an eye on the culture of togetherness, the culture of discussion, attitudes and values, and to have an impact in it. We also aim for an university certification.
one year for your development, your training as a coach and your initiation into exploring your inner structures. For experiencing and learning to accompany development.
From our experience of 5 years LernKultur-Coach Training we need this time to grow into the new role and to become stable in the LernKulturZeit culture.
You can then accompany people, accompany pupils* in their development optimally and change the climate at your school or institution in a lasting positive way.
It’s about
  • Rooms of confidence and how to set them up
  • Ways into the development of potential and how to accompany it
  • one’s own leadership behaviour
  • Mindfulness
  • hearing your inner voice (again) and finding out what really makes sense to you
  • the recognition of own behaviour patterns and thus the reduction of stress
  • and therefore the best condition to stay healthy for a long time.
Take a look at it!
With a training and strengthening program after the one-year training, we would like to train multipliers* who
-lead regional groups
-Develop own offers
-Become a multiplier* for the student* coach training that is currently being created
-train other colleagues*/parents/etc. in schools
We will start with the training program this year, with people who have already completed the training as LernKultur-Coaches and will offer it continuously.
Parallel to this, there will be an online offer with webinars and an online congress in the spring: Pioneers of education!
With the initiative LernKultur-Coach
we would like to encourage more people to become active, and to bring what many already live privately into the organization, we aim to accept up to 50 participants, therefore we reduce the participation fee up to 50%! to make participation possible for more people. Starting today! We want to reach many people. So:

If you want to stay tuned and keep learning and developing:
Be part of this now!  Become a long-term multiplier*
and of course: Spread the word!
We want to help shape society, the power to do this lies within us! There is much support, the time is ripe!

Start module 1: 22-24.6.2018, module 2: 27-7-5-8.2018 (last opportunity to join the 2018/2019 annual group),

Modules are also all individually bookable, so one can make the basic training also over a longer period of time.

We look forward to seeing you in our training
Silke, Kathrin and the whole team!


(Note the sequoia trees in the background! :-) )
Have you become curious? Fancy further training? Would you like to be part as a school? Write 
Download theletter of motivation, fill it in and send it to info@lernkulturzeit

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