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Further Training Learning Culture Coach – Annual Group 2019/2020

Juni 21, 2019 - Mai 10, 2020

A one-year journey to your potential development in inspiring places in Germany, which ends with the certification as a learning culture coach.

Life is learning, learning is development, development is our future. LernKulturZeit is an education for the 21st century: Valuable knowledge and experience and at the same time a study of not knowing.


We are learning to find our way in a global world, with all its challenges. LernKulturZeit is a time-space to learn and experience new perspectives of a changing society towards a culture of potential development. The one-year, occupation-accompanying further training addresses itself to future designers, who would like to develop themselves further in their potential and/or would like to accompany others in the development, while they can see others more deeply and learn to better understand connections. LernKulturZeit offers a model for a teacher education of the future.

Design elements

The space for personal development emerges in the group through a strong community, where we explore the potential of human encounter for our development. Transparent communication is the basis for a deeper understanding of our inner space and the expansion of our perceptual competence and ability to relate.
Future-oriented models and methods such as the Integral Model and the Theory U, Dragon Dreaming, Design Thinking, the Holocracy Model, meditation and reflection techniques provide the participants with the necessary background knowledge and tools to become active as future designers.

Some contents are fixed, others are flexible and follow the interests of the group, which contributes to the design of the further training through self-organisation.

The expansion of perspectives for a sustainable, globally oriented life takes place in inspiring places,
Factories of the future, communities, ecovillages, …where you can experience what the future is. On-site impulse givers inspire new ideas. Monthly online impulses contribute to inspiration and broadening horizons. LernKulturZeit is never about imitation, but about inspiration. People who live their life to the full in its possibilities bring us into contact with their longing for our own potential.
Change processes inside and outside are attentively accompanied by experienced team members, weekly triad sharing is an additional and valuable opportunity to exchange and further develop the taught methods.

Participation is open to all interested potential future creators. It includes the basic training in the attitude of a coach and can be certified as a LearningCulture-Coach for potential development.

The modules – flexible course design
A total of 9 modules take place, one basic module, 5 main modules and 3 optional modules.

2 modes exist for participation in the training:

  1. Participation in the annual group: you book all modules at once and are accompanied in a fixed group throughout the year. If you are absent due to illness, you can make up the corresponding module next year free of charge. The latest entry into the annual group is main module 2.
  2. Participation in individual modules, and “collecting” the building blocks until one has made all the modules and can apply for certification.

Each participant in the annual group attends the 5 main modules and 2 optional modules (included). For the certification as LernKultur-Coach the attendance of optional module 1 is obligatory. The attendance of the basic module offers the possibility to get to know the working methods and obtain important bases for the further training to the LearningCulture-Coach or to the Bionic Organization Developer.

Silke Weiß leads LernKulturZeit, co-leaders and initiators from the LernKulturZeit network accompany the group for individual modules. Monthly online impulses from innovators complement the inspiration this year. Regular weekly exchanges in Triads keep communication about internal and external processes alive. Tasks related to the modules, work on one’s own projects and a final presentation form the structural framework for the reflection of the learning experiences and lead to certification as a LearningCulture-Coach.

Dates and places for the next LernKulturZeit starting June 2019

(Prices in brackets for participants from NGOs, schools (e.g. educational institutions) and low-income earners)

Basic module mindfulness for future designers

2.11. – 4.11.2018 Hoffmanns Höfe, Frankfurt, 5.04. – 7.04.2019, Frankfurt

An overview of models of change and your own position in them.
Price for single booking: 290 € plus board & lodging
If you participate in the annual group, the basic module will be credited (200 instead of 290 €).


Optional Module 2 Bionic Design and Permaculture

27.02. – 3.03.2019 Gemeinschaft SiebenLinden
On agriculture, community life, ecological building, sustainable energy supply and more. With Silke Weiß and Joel Campe.
Price for single booking: 420 € (330 € for employees in NGOs or educational institutions or low earners). For participants in the annual group as an extra: 280 €.



Optional Module 3 Relationship- and WE Culture

12. – 15.04.2019  Zentrum für Experimentelle Gesellschafts Gestaltung (ZEGG)

We-process, forum work and collective intelligence, potential development in community.
With Silke Weiß and François Wiesmann and inspiring people from the community.

Price for single booking: 420 € (330 € for employees in NGOs or educational institutions or low earners). For participants in the annual group as an extra: 280 €.


Main Module 1 – Designing Rooms of Trust

presumably 21.06. – 23.06.2019, Zukunftswerkstatt Schloss Tempelhof

Formation of a space of trust, introduction to transparent communication, expansion of perceptual competence.

Price for single booking: 420 € (350 € for employees in NGOs or educational institutions or low-income earners), plus board & lodging.
With Silke Weiß and Susanne Ahlendorf and initiators from the future workshop Schloss Tempelhof



Main Module 2 – INTENSIVE WEEK – Paths to potential development

27.07. – 04.08.2019, Schloss Tempelhof or KlosterGut Schlehdorf

Deepening of the potential development, biography and the influence on today, returning to inner and outer nature, silence and nature experience, vision finding, getting to know the project and partial cooperation in the community, interviews with the future designers on site.

Start: 27.7., 11 Uhr, End: 4.8., 14 Uhr


Price for single booking: 1400 € (1100 € for employees in NGOs or educational institutions or low-income earners) plus board & lodging
with Silke Weiß and impulse givers from the communities.


Main Module 3: Holistic Leadership Strategies
2.10. – 6.10.2019, Stolzenhagen near Berlin

Methods of shaping the future, theory U, organisations as living organisms, guidance from the future.

Seminarhaus Stolzenhagen, an artist community near Berlin,
with Luea Ritter and Jonathan Klodt as the initiators, with an excursion to innovative companies in Berlin.
Price for single booking: 480€ (380€ for employees in NGOs or educational institutions or low-income earners), plus board & lodging.


Optional Module 1 Method training holistic coaching
November 2019 , Wiesbaden /Frankfurt

Method training with Silke Weiß and Prof. Angelika Ehrhardt
Mandatory for certification as LernKulturCoach.

Price for single booking: 360 € (290 € for employees in NGOs or educational institutions or low-income earners), (250 € for participants in the annual group as an addition) plus board and lodging.


Main Module 4: Being authentic
20.02. – 24.02.2020

Embodying my vision and raising my voice, Authentic Movement and Voice, Emotional Compass.
Sound house of the european academy of healing arts, Klein-Jasedow (near Usedom),
with Silke Weiß and Susanne Brian and impulse givers from the artist community in Klein-Jasedow.

Price for single booking: 480€ (380€ for employees in NGOs or educational institutions or low-income earners), plus board & lodging.


Main Module 5 – Certificate and Closing Ceremony
8.05. – 10.05.2020, Zukunftswerkstatt Schloss Tempelhof 
Getting up and shaping the future, closing event
with Silke White
Price for single booking: 290€ (plus board & lodging) (only bookable for those who have already attended all other modules)

It is possible to be present at the public presentation of the results at this module on Saturday.



Seminar costs: (plus board and lodging)


LernKulturZeit Annual group: 3900 € normal price, 3100 € for participants from NGOs, schools (e.g. educational institutions) and low earners.
The fee includes participation in 5 main modules and 2 optional modules and supervision in individual sessions by our team. The attendance of the basic module is credited with participation in the annual group (200 instead of 290 €).

Early booking discount: until 31.03.2019: 3600 € or 2800 € respectively

If you have any financial questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. So far it was almost always possible to make the participation possible. We gladly offer payment by instalments!
A reduction against cooperation is also possible.

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