My Year for new perspectives for a culture of potential-enfolding

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Life is learning, learning is development, development is our future. LernKulturZeit (LearningCultureTime) is education for the 21st century and a model for a new teacher training. Meaningful knowledge and experience and at the same time studying of not-knowing.

Lernkulturzeit ImageIntention

We are learning to cope with all the challenges in a global world. LernKulturZeit is a time-space, to discover new perspectives of a changing society to a culture of potential-enfolding. The one-year, in-service training aimed at future designers who want to develop themselves in their potential and / or support others doing this, by allowing them to see people in a deeper way and lern to understand the complexity


The space for personal development arises in the group through strong cooperation, where we explore the potential of the human encounter for our development. The Transparent communication is the basis for a deeper understanding of our inner space and the expansion of our perception skills and relationship skills.

Pioneering models and methods as the Integral Model and the Theory U, Dragon Dreaming, Design Thinking, the Holokratie model, meditation and reflection techniques provide the participants with the necessary background knowledge and tools to act as a future-designer.

Some contents are specified, other flexible and follow the interests of the group, which contributes to self-organization for a design-principle of the training.

The broadening of perspective for a sustainable, globally oriented life takes place at inspiring places, „Future-workshops“, communities, ecovillages, … where we experience, what future looks like. Referents inspire with new thoughts. Monthly Online Impulses from Speakers contribute to inspiration and broadening horizons. It is always about inspiration instead of imitation. People who fully live their lives in their ways bring us in contact with the longing for your own potential.

Change processes in the interior and exterior are mindful accompanied by experienced team members, weekly triad sharing are an additional and valuable means of exchange and development of mediated methods. Participation is open to all interested potential future designers. It includes the basic training in the attitude of a coach and can be certified as a Lernkultur-Coach for potential-enfolding. Own projects, which are to be further developed this year are invited to be introduced.

The Moduls – flexible course-design

It held a total of 9 modules, a base module, 5 main modules and 3 electives. The elective modules and the base module are open events, the main modules are closed and only for the annual group.

Each participant of the annual group takes part in the base module, the 5 main modules and 1 elective module.  Elective Module 1 is mandatory for certification for learning culture coach.

Summer-Celebration and SINNPOSIUM are optional and provide the opportunity to participate in the organization of training formats to try things out and transmit  own experiences. The elective modules can be booked regardless of the year group.

Silke Weiss directs LernKulturZeit, co-leaders and speakers from the network of LernKulturZeit accompany the group for certain modules. Monthly online impulses of innovators complement the inspiration this year. Regular weekly replacement in buddy groups to communicate via internal and external processes keeps alive. Tasks to the modules, the work on their own projects and

a final presentation form the structural framework for the reflection of learning experiences and finally lead to certification as a learning culture coach


17. – 19.06.2016 Basic module Mindfulness for future designers

Hof Niederursel, Frankfurt, Silke Weiss and Sonja Student

21 – 24.7. 2016 Main Module 1

Forming a trust space, Introduction to Transparent communication, expansion of perception skills, KlosterGut Schlehdorf, am Kochelsee, with Silke Weiß and Susanne Ahlendorf and inspirations from the KlosterGut Schlehdorf

25.8. – 3.9. 2016 Main Module 2 -INTENSIV-WEEK

Deepening the potential-enfolding, return to internal and external nature, silence and nature experience, vision finding, project plan using SIRCle Methods, in Schloss Tempelhof / KlosterGut Schlehdorf, with Silke Weiß and Susanne Ahlendorf and inspirations from the Schloss Tempelhof

23.-25.9.2016  LernKulturZeit summer festival, optional

Schloss Tempelhof, Open Space event, possibility input and participation in the organization.

26.10. – 29./30.10.2016 Elective Module 1 :Training of Coaching Methods

University Wiesbaden, at 30.10. Impulse-day in Schloss Freudenberg, Wiesbaden, Silke Weiss and Prof. Angelika Ehrhardt, Mandatory for certification as a LernKulturZeit-Coach.

8.-11.12.2016 Main Module 3

Methods for shaping the future, Theory U, organizations as living organisms, holistic management strategies, leadership from the future, Sieben Linden ecovillage, Silke Weiss and Jonathan Klodt and inspirations from Siebenlinden

2.-5 February 2017 main module 4

embody your vision and raise your voice, Authentic Movement and Voice, Emotions Compass, Klanghaus of the european academy of healing arts, Klein-Jasedow (near Usedom), with Silke Weiß and Susanne Brian and inspirations from the artistic community in Klein-Jasedow

23.-03.26.2017 Elective Module 2 Shaping the Future with Permaculture.

From agriculture, community life, green building, sustainable energy supply and more., Schloss Tempelhof, Stefan Schwarzer and inspirations from the Community-supported agriculture

27-30.04. 2017 Elective Module 3 Life in Community

Forum work and Collective Intelligence,  Center for Experimental Society design, Bad Belzig (south of Berlin), Silke Weiss and François Wiesmann and inspirations from the Community ZEGG

25.-28.05.2017 SINNPOSIUM, Congress on Education and Consciousness 2017, optional

Topic: The Future of Teacher Education – Global Competencies for a Sustainable World, Schloss Tempelhof, Network meetings and think tank – possibility to give input and participate in the organization.

23-25th 6.2017 Main Module 5

Standing up for future, final event, Schloss Tempelhof, Silke Weiss


July 2017: certification weekend for Lernkultur-Coach for potential-enfolding

Optional modules: places available for people outside the annual group.

Seminar costs: (add accommodation and meals.)

years group: 3600 € for participants from economic enterprises, 2800 € individuals, students, teachers, employees of NGOs and non-profit organizations. The contribution includes participation in the basic module, 5 main modules and 1 elective module.

Early booking discount until 08.05.2016: 3400 € / 2600 €

Only basic module: 250 €

Only elective module:  180 €, participants of the annual group: 160 €